We understand that it is not just the physical injury that is traumatic. Get access to medical and psychological care and support. Find out if you could claim compensation.

We understand that it is not just the physical injury that is traumatic, that any harm can go beyond that.  Often it is the psychological trauma that can be longer lasting. We will ensure whilst assisting you through your claim that we also focus on your rehabilitation. We will ensure you receive the compensation that you need and in addition access any necessary medical or psychological care and support, both now and also in the future.


Legal fees are not recoverable under the CICA scheme, however, we can offer a Damages Based Agreement or No Win No Fee option.

The rules in the Scheme are complex and we can assist you through the process.  There are strict time limits for claiming compensation which is two years from the date that the injury occurred.  However, there are slightly different rules in the cases of children.


We can offer fixed fee packages, that way you will have the peace of mind that your legal costs will not exceed your expectations. We will always aim to ensure full transparency of our fees so that these are easy to understand.  

Our No-Win No-Fee solicitors are committed to ensuring you get the maximum compensation you deserve

A Damaged Based Agreement or No-Win No-Fee Agreement, means that you will not pay any legal fees if your compensation claim is unsuccessful. This is a risk free way of funding your claim.

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