Trouble with Tenants? We'll advise you about the correct notices to serve, ensure you have full representation and make sure you keep costs low. 

The ideal situation for a landlord who owns a buy-to-let property is to have long-term, quiet, tidy tenants who always pay their rent on time. Happily, most tenants fit this description and are considerate of their landlord, home and neighbours.

Unfortunately, sometimes the relationship between a landlord and tenant can deteriorate and you can be left with no choice but to evict a tenant from your property and seek to recover possession. To remove troublesome tenants, you need to bring possession proceedings against them.


We will assist you to remove tenants who have become un-co-operative or troublesome. We will advise you about the correct notice to serve, depending upon how your tenant occupies your property under any tenancy agreement and the particular circumstances to which they occupy.  We will then ensure that you are fully represented in any proceedings to recover possession of your property and any monies due to you.

All landlords must follow the correct legal procedures for gaining repossession of their property. Although the exact process will depend on the type of tenancy, in most cases the landlord will need to serve a valid notice on the tenant before seeking an order for possession in the County Court.

Tenants are heavily protected under regulation and The Protection from Eviction Act 1977 states that, in most circumstances, a tenant cannot be removed from residential premises unless he or she moves out voluntarily or you obtain a possession order from the Court.

The landlords whom we represent can either have a large property portfolio, or they can own just one or two properties to generate a small income.

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