Fixed fee packages, with No-Win No-Fee, make this a risk free way to fund your claim.


Preparing a medical negligence case can involve taking detailed statements, obtaining full copies of your medical records and X-rays, and seeking an expert opinion.

This can take time, but ensuring that all evidence in support of your claim is gathered will give you the best chance of success, and should not deter you from making a medical negligence claim if you want to. Our experienced solicitor will arrange all this on your behalf, so you don't have to worry and can concentrate on your recovery.

Whilst some people are put off from claiming compensation because they believe they may need to attend court, this happens for only a very small minority of cases.  

In reality, the vast majority of cases dealt with by this firm are settled without going to a final court hearing. If it transpires that Court Proceedings are necessary then our specialist medical negligence solicitor will guide you every step of the way.

We accept as a firm that that it is not always compensation that people want, sometimes an apology is in the forefront of your mind.  You can of course complain directly to the NHS, but must do so within 6 months.  We can advise you further on this so please do not delay and call us today. 


We can offer fixed fee packages, that way you will have the peace of mind that your legal costs will not exceed your expectations. We will always aim to ensure full transparency of our fees so that these are easy to understand. 

Our No-Win No-Fee solicitors are committed to ensuring you get the maximum compensation you deserve.

A Damaged Based Agreement or No-Win No-Fee Agreement, means that you will not pay any legal fees if your compensation claim is unsuccessful. This is a risk free way of funding your claim.

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